How might we...
Create an interesting physical user experience using technology.
Personal Planetarium is a relaxing chandelier with LED lights mimicing the patterns of constellations in space. The lights are controlled by an arduino which is connected to a mobile app via bluetooth that enables the user to control how the LED bulbs light up. The app also plays soothing ambient noises to further relax the user.

The project explores new ways of interaction with IoT devices, and new emotions that people experience when interacting with these devices.
The application's UI is simple & doesn't distract from the functionality of the dome.

The main 'shake' gesture interaction is intuitive & adds to the atmosphere of magic & wonder.
Design Values
To develop the project, I first interviewed people to determine the design values. People gravitated towards a comforting/relaxing environment. This lead me to use the night sky as the theme for the project.
Future Steps
In the future I would like to expand the dome/chandelier into a tent with a larger LED array.

Expand the representations of the night sky from just constellations to the entire night sky.

I also would like to add more interaction to the app in the form of gyroscopes, representation of the aurora borealis, etc.