How might we...
Create a 'Social Sonic Interface' that fosters collaboration through music.
DUET is a contained music-making space made of wooden-frames, foam core walls, a translucent screen, and wooden platforms to store and hold the technology.

The project creates an immersive space to foster isolated collaboration: working with strangers while retaining one’s personal space in order to create a musical piece.
User Research
We tested out the sounds and interaction of the project through prototypes and user interviews to validate our design decisions.

A key insight from this was to solidify a theme for the project. We settled on a dream like atmosphere.

This caused us to move from our initial soundscape of layered basic sound waves (triangle, sin, square, etc) to ethereal samples. We also moved from simple keyboard interaction to gesture based interactions.

This rigorous iteration & user testing lead us to make a magical user experience.
To tackle the design brief we assigned roles and iterated through a myriad of ideas. After listing ideas, we voted on them as a group and researched the most popular ones.

The team was divided into 'digital' & 'physical' construction teams with members going between the two teams as needed.

After construction rigorous user testing was done to refine the structure, audio, visuals & interaction design of the project.

My Role: Creative Director & Project Manager.
Collaborators: Qinglin Wang, Lum Mawum, Julia Updegraff, Jimin Chung.